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Cut Out Animation

Similarily to stop motion animation, cut-out animation involves recording still images of paper cut outs, which one would gradually move frame-by-frame in order to give the illusion of movement. However, instead of having the camera focused parallel to the ground in an upright position, for cut-out animation the camera faces downward. Typically, a cut out animation is done using a multiplane, which allows for the background, middleground. foreground, and characters to all lay on separate glass planes. This way, not only is there a better sense of depth, but one can manipulate one element without disturbing another. Here is an example of a cut-out animation filmed on a multiplane. It's called Rabbit by Run Wrake.

Although cut-out animation is not typically used for feature films, the style is often replicated using digital mediums. South Park is a popular contemporary example of cut-out animation style imitated using the computer. Adobe Flash is an animation program that is ideal for creating the cut-out animated look digitally.


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